response to “we are ugly but we are here”

In response to “we are ugly but we are here” this essays the author mainly talking about his life and how his family retracts to a life and death situation. When the authors were still a young girl he spends more her life to attending funerals because his guardian’s job title was the minister of the country. By just looking at the title of this essay you well immediacy start thinking about what is ugly relate to current position? It must have something to do with life. Ironically ugly does not mean that person is ugly but the ugly position she is face into, then we are here, but where? of course the country of freedom America,
He first describe the position of her country how people are dying so quick and often, then it compare to America she is still not really happy with her life but she felt a lot safer. When people start to loose their hopes they start find something else to believe to pass their pressure on, everyone have to die but when you believe so much in afterlife then death is not a very big deal for you.
the author was excite about been America life freely, yell ‘we are ugly but we are here” once a while may express their feeling towered the happy life compare to the unsafe and unstable life in her hometown life is full of joy,