analyzsis on dumpster diving

Homeless people are intelligent

Is there any doubt that most Homeless people are intelligent? Just because they are poor and living on the street does it mean they are not educated? No, in this paper I am going to enlighten you why.
Before I begin read the essay “on dumpster driving” I always thought about that all the homeless people are not knowledgeable, because they are poor and living on the street, but I was wrong. People are not born to be homeless unless they are living in a war zone, so before they became to a homeless person they must have some kind of family or guardian that they can learning from. In America, you can attend school all the way from elementary to high school with free of charge, there is so much opportunity for you to learn and become to a skilled person.
In this essay “On dumpster driving” the author Lars Eighner critically analyze the true dumpster driver and the others who were searching for money, during the competition he carefully analyzes all the things we are throw away in trash and how it can reflect our living habits, either we have been careless or precautious on our things.
What is the different between us and the homeless guy is that they do not have to work and all they are have is time, so they can spend it on questioning or analyze others thoughts by just look at their belongings, kind like an investigator on a crime scene. Because they spend more time on thinking and analyze I believe some of them are actually brighter than the people who are not lives on the street.
At first he start outlining all the food that we discarded by telling how and which food is safe to eat. The main principles involved are use senses and common senses to determine the condition of the food. He analyzes pizza were throwing away because of an incorrect order and students are more likely to throw away food during the break and a lot more things after each semester ends. Then later he starts talking about philosophy the wasteful nature of American society. He collected many things that are useful for him, exclude the small object such as calculator or sunglass, the author is a person who live with rules. In the final he also suggests that other who is scrounging diving on dumpster is not profitable. Many readers will find this essay is not very friendly, but after you have deeply reading through it, you will realize that everything the author are arguing about the trash we are throw away are the actually facts believe or not that waste is the nature of modem Americans society.
I like this essay pretty much, because it is giving a general idea about what is a homeless person’s live like, and many ordinary people will not spend time on research and concerned in explorer the homeless people’s mind. I would like to recommend this essay to other to read. Throughout reading this essay I have understand more about the people who lives on the streets and there many possessions we can discover from them.