How website outrank by lower DA site

DA and PA are essentially determined by the number of quality backlinks you have got to those page or domain. however the ranking of a content/site is depends on 2 main things, On page and Off page optimisation. While, backlinks are solely a component of off page optimisation. So, initially you wish to make sure that your web site is correctly optimized or not.

SEO and SEO: With out sensible program optimisation, obtaining sensible ranking is difficult. it’s the language although that your web site communicate to the search engines.
Time: Ranking is additionally associated with time and the way guests are participating to your web site. Older websites rank higher than newer sites. Thus, push social media campaign to point out the search engines that your web site is very important and guests are coming back to induce valuable info.
Keyword Research: seek for low hanging fruit. As everybody struggle to climb to the highest of the tree to induce the most effective fruit, seek for the once you’ll reach with out a ladder. once choosing keyword for your content, run keyword analysis and confirm their ranking before even typewriting them on MS word.

DA and PA are just one ranking issue. i’d conjointly take into account your backlinks, on-page factors, domain age, content quality, location, and others.