Whild Tongue

In the essay Amy Tan in her text ‘’Mother Tongue” she explains the English she use to grew up with and how those English are different. In my personally opinions mother tongue, everything she said in the essay a great truth. there is nothing to argue about, A mother tongue is nature born with you. You can stop speaking it but you can not tame or forget it .especially in immigration families, the language may been changed but the mother tongue still there. Cultural stereotyping is a problem that through cross-generation dialogue, its just way too hard to change .personally experience I came to America for about six and half years ago, I did not learn anything new except computer game.the way speaking English still liking seven or eight grades poor students. The reason in her essay “mother tongue ” Chinese people do not learn in second language writing is because it is weakest point in learning life. Only except if you think you are expert of language or extremely smart or second generation in a immigration country it is maybe a easy thing for you to do, but for most people it s extremely hard , it is also the reason why America school have ESL – English as second language ,or native English class which is all Americans instructor teaching the formal way of language usage. Other class just help you to learn the basis or helping you just get to pass the class and go on .it is your own business to learn more and deeper.

In another article “How to tame a wild tongue” the author Anzaldua asserts that “Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can only be cut out” she used her experience and culture to explained and shows how people can not tame the wild tongue, The author spoke about ten different language but only English and Spanish is totally two different major language, others are all Spanish language are just some minor different in accents or the way they speak from different group. Either she knows too many languages or she thought she knew too many languages. “Until I can take pride in my language, I cannot take pride in myself,” says Anzaldua. I always feel prode in my language it has long period history and very complex to learn. The way I see English there is no so call what black or white English its all the same. What would her Spanglish be without the word Chicana? Anzaldua says “Chicanos did not know we were a people until 1965 when. . .I am Joaquin was published and La Raza Unida party was formed in Texas.” Chicanos is same as black English .incurrent but its is living language. The author in this article is also pointing out, if there is a language that only small group of people speaking it .it is may be gone soon or later. in the real life people doing business with each other or making friends ,people want to learn the language that they can get most benefit from .time by time they will forget the language they use to speak in hometown or with family , if something you don’t use it for long long time you going to forget it . in other hand, it is a acutely a good thing.

For example , In Chinese history long times ago way back in ancient China, China were still divided in several parts,each part of people have they owns language accent and the technology and measure system. Later on a powerful king conquerquest all the areas, combined all the useful technology and cultures to make only one currency and measurement system etc, makes people have more chance to community and doing business .time never go back , a language you may contained in a small of group to keeping it or wrote down in history book so people would not forget it ,people still improving the way they use the language and words are creating in each days. You can not make you living if it still depend on only one old ugly language maybe a few people can speak .

The more languages you can speak the better you cam communicate with people, for another example the last pope, from many people knows he can speak eight different languages. In now day people still keep saying ‘Time is money’, use time to communicate earn more money .the point is no matter is mother tongue or wild tongue if it still is language and people are still speaking it knowing it. you may just get benefit from it maybe some day.