How to for Make Professional DVD’s

The complete tutorial for Make Professional DVD’s

1) Equipments (DV Camcorders, Digital Camera, a High performance PC with a capture card, I use Matrox RTX 100, Epson R260 Printer, DVD Duplicator, a pack of Printable DVD+- R medias, Glossy DVD inserts, DVD cases standard 14mm,background stand with Blue key or green key either one is ok, and Video Monitor )

DV cameras for most Presumes a DV or a HDV is recommended, DV is kind outdate for now, I using SONY vx 2000 which is I bought in 2002, i suggest you get a DV camcorder because if you use a HDV 1080i to get the HD quality you have to spend at least $20k to get the hardwares ,a digital camera is need for the photos in the DVD cover 5mgpixl is good enough which cost about $150, now you can get a 10megpixl camera from best buy , back in the days Matrox rtx100 is very expensive which s cost about $1000,or you can get a cheap 1394 about $40 the only different in between theses are the plug-in and some video transition effects’ choose Epson r260 because its cheap and the quality of the photo is good enough for the Case Cover (Epson r260 $99 with the CIS its about $300 and each addition inks is $10 a bottle of 100ml), and you can use the Coetaneous-Ink-System on it, its saved a lot bucks, when choosing the DVD case be extreme careful, there is a slim case which is 7mm,and the standard DVD case we see in the markets are the 14mm,be sure to get the right cases they are cost about $40 per 50 pack 40cents per case, the stand and the blue/green keys get the large one as big as possible, it will fit your features needs. For a 10×12 key with stand which cost about $500 in Houston,

2)Software (adobe premiere pro, Adobe DVD encore, Adobe Audition, Media Face, Photoshops,)
i enjoy using première to edit the videos its very easy to learn, its fantastic

to be contiuned