After reading the article about “why I want a wife”

After reading the article about “why I want a wife” I think it is all about complain she first said wife can do a lot things for you but also he is trying to emphasis on the importance of been a wife. The authors purpose will be take care you wife and your wife have been done a lot things for you. I find this article in gender disseminations. Why we need a wife? Because wife can do a lot things for you and also will comfort you,
Men and women both are been very important part of the society. The word wife existence for reasons. In this article the author also claim about when you tired you can replace your current wife with a new fresh wife. This is also a message trying to tell the men wives are replaceable. In the third phase the author pointing out that wife can give you the social needs, for example you can meet more female through your wife it really helps when your are trying to cheat. The most important point wife can do housework for you, make food and wash your clothes for you and also take care the kids.
It is ironical article everything it is appear to be saying wife are useful and harmless but then you deeply reading through it , it is not about how wife are very useful, but the complain about men do not care about their wife and can replace them anytime they like anytime they want to. It is like put the women or wives in the lowest class in the society.
By end the article the article is ask the readers ironically if wife can do this many things then whoever do not want to get a wife ?