Avoid Eastwest Bank Avoid Loan Shark !

We have loan with Metrobank later became to EastWest bank, their headquarter is located in CA and the bank was own by Chinese,

for the past 10 year everything was going ok,  we received statement on the 16 and due on the 20th, no things changes, however since 2017 We notice the rate increased 0.25% quarterly I asked the banker who is charging on our loan  or our Loan officer, they told us the government rate changes, I said ok , if it was change by the government, there is nothing we can do about it.

but after one year we notice there is no end from the 0.25% rate increase, from the base rate 4.75% to 6.25% just in 2 year. I have checked other local banks, they seem surprise, this is huge increased compare to the loan shark 8-9% ,they urgent us to refanaice  and get away from this EastWest Bank as far as possible.

This is real story the loan we get is from the bank on Houston Texas branch, The bank do not have bullet proof glass, so there is no safe Windows between the teller and customer, and their Security Camera are never works, last time i heard they fix the camera because one customer lost a check.   Their loan officer are mean, they will yell at you, one time i ask some question with the loan officer on the lobby desk, she yells and i was so embarrassing , the security guard come to me immediately,   I’m not bank robber.

their online bank system was load of craps, not easy to navigator, looks like the website was built by some college students,  Believe or not try it yourself,

Im stuck with Eastweast because my Job my earning was not enough to get refaencei

overall Avoid EastWest Bank avoid Loan Shark !