Dragon Door Grottoes

Dragon Door Grottoes
LongMen Shiku or (Dragon Door Grottoes) it was created in the later Wei and Tang dynasty, Grottoes in central China. It provide a place for people to worship and honor their god, and it also giving the protection for the people, perhaps it is not something that would help you to dodge the bullets while you are in a dangers position, but in your heart I personally believes everyone has a special spot for their god to fit, just like the mark on the US Dollar bills “in god we trust”
The history of the LongMen Shiku date back in later Wei and Tang Dynasty 316-907BC, it was situated in Northeast part of Xian city. The reason it was built is because of the emperor himself believe so much in Buddhist, they believe if one dies they will begin a new life in the new world and before enter the other side of the world there will be a god to decide what you have accomplished in your precious life are you worth go to heaven or hell. Simply just like the snowball effect, when the order was sent to the Luoyang City the mayor had to hire many stone carver artists from all over the county to work on this project for many years. Also in that period of time the country was so strong, they had steady prosperous economy, also it’s because the way people lives, they had numerous influences come from the Taoist and the foreigner originate from the northeast part of China, mainly from India. Those carving stone works are entirely devoted to the Buddhist religion.
The Dragon Door Grottoes they were so massive carved in the one mountain. The Carving continued for over 400 years through the East and West Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang and Northern Song Dynasties. After hundreds year rainfall effects, the conditions of it initially start falling apart. There is three major status in the mountain, they were each about hundred feet tall, built in the middle of mountain when I was there visiting there the people have already made ladder to clamp and other martial to support it in the middle air. Its give me a felt that thing it’s going to fall down in any second.
Everyday there is a lot of people going there to worship or just for visiting purpose, also there were people coming from other countries too. I remembered my uncle usually told me about a story, that’s about my father went to the three and how he got the protections from the Buddhist gods, basically he just when to there worship like other and clamp to the middle air in front of the largest statures, in time there wasn’t any fence or guards to keep people out, so he luckily sit in between the two largest Buddhist and take a picture. Some how many people in my family believe that the Buddhist statues the one he worships their spirit soul is helping my father and protecting us. There is old saying once you benefit from something and you have to do a favor in return. So in this year I went back to China specially traveling to LongMen ShiK just to visiting the statures and returning the favor. so we Light up the incents and burning some money ‘not the money we use in our daily life but the money we believe if we burn it in front the god or the funerary the person will receive it in others side of the world also there is wines include too. Under knee and head down, we believe that is the way to showing highest respects. I do everything that my uncle told me to do than we went back home.
It’s hard to convince people to believe the gods do exist, also to denial exist of god will not be easy especially when there a miracles presents. After the visiting to the LongMen ShiKu I feel my body is relaxing lighter then ever almost like feather want to reach to the sky.