In response to silent dancing the author Judith Ortiz Cofer

In response to silent dancing the author Judith Ortiz Cofer, a Latina, wrote “Silent Dancing” to describe her personally experience when he was first immigrates from Puerto Rico to America Just look the title it will make you wonder why dancing silent is it really about dancing? The answer is no. the story of the author’s childhood sorrowful memories. Perhaps everyone has bad memories, not many of us actually write it down. The problem with discrimination appears to be decreased during the last half decade, but it still exist you may not see it often but it is there. Just for example people are not born with a criminal mind it is the environment that changes during times. This author in this article also writes how she got kissed in a high school in the US. in the article she was made fun of when speaking Spanish and English. When she spoke Spanish people told her that she had an English accent; when she spoke English she had a Spanish accent. People do discrimination you in gender race and basically everything’s they think you are different form the others. also the author focus on family relationships I think the authors are trying to send a message telling us the family relationships are more important then everything. I
Personally after reading the article I think the title don’t really fit the theme.
Over all it is all about a young girl as she struggles through life, constantly being moved from the U.S. to Puerto Rico, and back again. It is all about culture different, the culture she had in Puerto Rico and American culture are quiet different.